Lessons in Business from Dating

So let me set the scene, you’re out on a date (I like dating analogies) and you’ve had a pretty good time, you like hanging out with the other person. It gets to the end of your date and you exchange some pleasantries, stating you both had a fun etc. then you say goodbye and go your separate ways… So what happens next??


Are you going to see each other again? He said he loves a nearby cafe, is it weird if you go there to hang out?

It’s uncertainty that makes that situation just  plain awkward.

If you dig the other person there’s nothing worse than waiting anxiously for a text or a call.  You don’t know if it’s going to be a day or a week or worse. It would have been nice to know if they wanted to see you again rather than spending the next few days scrambling to your phone each time it makes a noise, hoping it was your hot date.

All that anxiety could be solved just by letting them know what’s happening next.

It’s the same with the relationship you have with customer/clients on your website. They have invested time getting to know you. The have exchanged their personal information for something you have to offer. So say thank you on a separate page and do them that favour of telling them what’s going to happen next… don’t let it get awkward!

So if someone has given your business their email or contact details in exchange for something tell them:

  • How they are going to be contacted (or information delivered) via phone, email Skype etc.
  • When you’re likely to get in touch
  • What they should do to take the next step
  • Where to find out more about you or your services (more on this below)

If someone has purchased something from you or is expecting an informative email/pdf, let them know how they can get in touch with you if they are not happy with the product or your service.


Don’t forget to ask them to come hang with you on Social Media

Instead of leaving your customer feeling awkward, like on that date let them know you’re keen to hang out. Invite them to come hang out where you do, on Social Media.

Let them know what they can expect to gain by following you on your social media accounts and make it super easy for them to follow you by adding buttons to your accounts.


Offer to keep in touch via a blast out (newsletter)

Not everyone LOVES to hang on social media, so offer to add them to your regular blast out.  Let them know how often they should expect you to show up in their inbox and why they should be looking forward to it.  (What value or benefit you’re going to offer them)

Remembering that peoples email in-boxes are super full these days and they are giving you the privilege of their time and personal space so make sure your blast outs are jam packed with value.


Remind them why you’re awesome

The thank you page doesn’t have to be the last page. In fact I find it really annoying when I’ve opted in for something on a website and then thank you page doesn’t allow me to go back to the site. Keep them around by linking to or embedding your best stuff, that’s right YOUR BEST STUFF.  This could be your most popular blog post, a video, a downloadable PDF, or anything else useful. Focus on providing additional value, and keep the tone personal.


Close the next date

Offer an upsell or an add-on sale that’s closely aligned with the original transaction. It’s easier to deepen a relationship with an existing customer/prospect while you have their attention then to try and constantly get new customers. So nurture the ones that have showed interest by providing value and offering them the opportunity to become a customer.

All of this can and most certainly should be done on one page of your site.  The thank you page.  It’s quite often your last interaction with the person on this particular visit, so make sure they know what to expect from you in the immediate future!  Don’t leave anyone hanging!!!