3 Concepts that Make Facebook Ads a Must

You’ve got a Facebook page, and fans.  Great.  Your posts get liked and shared?  Even better.

So why Facebook ads?

It’s a perfectly legitimate question.  And often you get stats thrown at you, which should be compelling themselves.  Things like 1 billion people use Facebook each day, people log on an average of 14 times a day and you can also access Instagram on the same ads platform.  But there’s more to it.

3 More reasons actually.  Not all of these reasons are going to satisfy your specific goals, but there should be reasons enough for you to give it a try.

The biggest reason to use ads?


You get control over who sees your message.  You get control over how many people see your message.  You have control when people see that message.

You can target your ads to your fans, friends of your fans, people that have been on your site (remarketing) or people brand new to your business.  But it’s you that decides who sees your post, offer or video.  It’s not up to Facebook.

For small businesses the costs are amazingly affordable to do this.  If you’re targeting a broad group of people, it can cost as little as $3 or $4 to reach 1000 people.  Traditional advertising (offline media like radio, TV or even a classified ad) doesn’t have near the affordability that Facebook advertising does.  I’m not suggesting that $3 or $4 is going to satisfy your marketing goals, but getting your message out there doesn’t come much cheaper.

You also get to see how your message is performing – if you don’t like the results you’re getting, you can turn things off right away.  If you do like what you’re seeing, you can spend more!

Relieve the struggle.

Many people are fighting to make a post great so that it will reach that many more people or go viral.  With ads you can still get shares (which you don’t have to pay for), post likes and more.  You can be confident that your post is going to reach your expected audience.  This lets you measure the impact of your message faster and make necessary changes to help improve your offer or post, without having to wait for the organic results to trickle in.

Grow your business faster.

Your ads, with the right targeting, will gain you followers.  They may not act or buy today, but if they like your page they are just a few steps closer to helping you meet your goals.  They may never become a customer, but they can share your posts, endorse your page and help improve your social presence.

The quickest way to get started is to take the plunge and boost a post

Not sure what post qualifies or if you’re able to track things on your site – check out our services page or get in touch.  Your personalized social ads strategy is an email away!